Children and Families

An opportunity to

Bless the children of Kaikoura and Seddon Parishes

As we come to closer to the end of the week after the earthquake many people are beginning to ask just how we as Christians can respond. We are all we aware that the hardest hit areas encompass two of the parishes in this diocese.

 It is hard to know how to respond but one area is always to bless the churches so that they can bless the people in theircommunity. Usually the people who suffer the most in such a natural disaster are the children and the elderly. My passion is for children and their families and so I would like to assist in blessing them at this time. To do this I will need your help. 

In conjunction with Strandz, the national children and families group, the diocese is going to collect donations in the form of money or goods. We are expecting that most of the donations will be of money but I accept that for some diocesan parishes you may prefer to collect goods.  

What will the money be used for? To purchase gifts, treats and care products for children aged 0-12yrs. 

So if we choose to give goods we should purchase……small gifts, treats and appropriate care products. 

If we choose to donate money…….please deposit the money in account 06-0705-0012140-02 marked EQ DONATION. 

How will the goods be distributed? The goods will be packed in boxes which will include small bags for distribution purposes and Bible Society Christmas pamphlets. These boxes will be delivered to the churches for them to distribute as and when they want to bless a child or family. 

What is the timeframe for us to part of this blessing? Please can we receive all donations by WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 30th. 

If everyone helps we will be able to bless these communities. Please advertise this in your parish and I look forward to your response. 

Sue Fallow
Children and Families Enabler

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