Wakefield with Murchison

St John's & St Paul's
VicarRev. Allan Wasley
About Us/Ministries: 

We are an evangelical, charismatic Anglican parish, centered on St Johns in Wakefield Village, and also allied with St Pauls in Murchison. We are a church who are working hard to be an authentic expression of being Christian, as well as being deeply engaged with our rural communities. At present we are seeking to shift from being primarily providers of worship services , to becoming missional people engaged strongly with our community with a view to reach others for Christ. We have the oldest church in the South Island, and also one of the newest, in the St Johns Worship Centre. Homegroups are a significant part of our life together, and our mission statement is : To Worship God and Grow as disciples, to love one another deeply and to go out with Good Deeds and Good News. Our present outreach is to children in our Sunday school, Youth on Fridays at 6.30pm, and a luncheon for the elderly.

Service Times: 
Sunday9:00amSt John's on the Hill, WakefieldCommunion service
10:30amWorship CentreContemporary family Worship & ministry to children.
Every 2nd Sunday10.30amSt Pauls
Every 2nd Sunday2pmSt Pauls
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