All Saints Pastoral Care Team Leader

Team Leader of Parish Pastoral Care Ministries
All Saints is looking for a person to lead and coordinate the pastoral care within the parish. The purposes of the role are: 
·    To lead and administer the two arms of Pastoral Care: Primary and Specialised
.     Primary Care through Ministry Groups and Small Groups:
.     Specialised Care through a trained Chaplaincy Team:
·    To promote engagement of pastoral care across the parish in line with the vision of ‘God’s Family on Mission’.
·    To administrate the Parish SafeHere policies and procedures for Pastoral Care.
The role is paid for 10 hours per week (with allowances) and is designed so that being ordained it is not a requirement of the role.
There is a requirement that the person is a fully engaged member of the All Saints Parish.
For further information please contact the Vicar at All Saints 03 548 2601 or 021 828295
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