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Nelson Anglican Diocese now welcomes expressions of interest for the upcoming mission trip to Malaita, Melanesia in August 2020.

Tentative dates: August 8th-23rd
Cost $4,000 per person

Our goal through our partnership with the Malaita Diocese is to contribute in six main areas: 

  • Youth and Children's Ministry
  • Women's Ministry/Counselling/Retreat
  • Lay Ministry Training (especially small groups)
  • Theological Education
  • Prison Ministry
  • Hospital Ministry, including medical

Team Leaders Graham O'Brien (Bishopdale Theological College) and Mike Hawke (Dean, Nelson Christ Church Cathedral) recently visited Malaita (Malaita Video)

If any of these areas appeal to you or you would like to know more about the trip then please fill out the form here and we will make contact with you.

Letter to the Parishes from the Chair of DOMC.

Nelson Diocese Short Term Missions Leaders Manual

Diocesan Overseas Mission Council

The origins of the DOMC are the provision of a link between individual parishes and the Anglican Missions Board, which coordinates support for overseas mission through relating to the mission-sending organisations within our Church and our partner churches overseas. Financial support from parishes is a key, measurable aspect of overseas mission support.

The DOMC provides a link between parishes of the Nelson Diocese and overseas mission activity, particularly through Anglican Missions, and promotes awareness, support and involvement in Christian mission in many places. Members are drawn from each region in the diocese along with local representatives from CMS, youth and the Association of Anglican Women (Overseas and Outreach).

DOMC promotes mission awareness through encouraging short term cross-cultural mission teams from the diocese, hosting visiting speakers in parishes, and providing mission information and resources to leaders in parishes. These activities relate to the Diocesan Strategic Plan.

Missions Stategy

With the emphasis being placed on short-term mission opportunities as a valuable part of parish life, discipleship development and ministry preparedness, a leaflet was developed in 2011 to help guide parishes forming mission teams. It is important that we draw on the experience of others as we seek to serve God in our activities.

Encouragement to mission motivators and leaders within parishes at regional gatherings continues. It is hoped that training in understanding cross-cultural mission will be provided in each region through Bishopdale Theological College.

Faithful and informed prayer is a significant part of mission involvement. When we are supporting mission overseas, having current information and a personal connection to the people involved is hugely significant. Meeting mission partners while they are on deputation in parishes is important. The DOMC are continuing the strategy of allocating mission partners to a single region for the fortnight they are in our diocese. This allows greater involvement in parish life in that area, with opportunities to build relationships beyond simply hearing the speaker give one public address before they move on.

With joy we can celebrate that this diocese is making valuable contributions in response to needs in many places, including sharing our most valuable resource: people. With Murray and Féy Cotter and Phil and Becky Sussex among others joining the team from this diocese already serving overseas, we have a lot to celebrate, and an opportunity to more fully identify with the joys and struggles of our brothers and sisters in Christ across the world.

Missions Funding:

Last year’s synod adopted a target of $135,000 for the AMB. Parishes have been challenged to meet the increase, particularly in response to the increased number of personnel who have gone from this diocese with CMS (which receives significant support through AMB). These funds have helped support a wide range of people and projects that endeavour to build the kingdom of God in diverse places. Thank you to all who contributed. However, we regret the shortfall in the budgeted amount, as the AMB uses the target adopted by this synod in forming their budget plans in November, and allocating support in response to many worthy requests. If we do not meet our target, Anglican Missions is not enabled to meet their commitments.

It is evident to us all, that needs are not reducing. The cost of living is going up for us, but also for the mission partners we support. The cost of food in many regions of the world continues to rise, putting pressure on the poor in areas where self-sufficiency for the local church is a distant dream.

Missions Links:

Companion Diocese links with Singapore and Malaita (Solomon Islands) continue. Reports below are about two SOMA teams from Singapore, who visited our diocese in July 2011 following the Common Life Missions Conference -see CLMC on www.angmissions.org.nz. 


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